Gustav “ Gussie” Waldron - New York

An unassuming personality Gussie became a member of the VRCA team in 2010 and is a very reliable member of the New York chapter.  

Douglas "Prince" Grant - Atlanta


Douglas Grant AKA “Prince” was born in West Kingston, where he attended St. Annes’ school in Kingston.

At age 15 a friend recognizing his developing love of music got him involved as they established the Shanghai Disco along with a group of five other friends.  The friends commenced playing around Kingston and St. Andrew and established a friendly rivalry with Lauderbelle another popular Disco at the time.  

Doug continued playing with Shanghai until he migrated to the USA in 1984.   He moved to Atlanta in 1992 and after taking a break from spinning for a few years, began collecting and playing out at house parties, Since 2016 he has played under the name “Doug Atlanta” on various internet networks.

Doug’s love and dedication to the music are evident whenever he spins his favorites from his collection. Doug’s desire is to help the Vinyl community and continue to spread the great music of our generation.