Clayton Young - Florida - Member


The man with the velvet voice, Clayton joined the VRCA membership in 2012.  One of those collectors who has preferred to be under the radar, his motto being “walk softly and carry a big stick”. Be aware however that he is armed to the teeth, his weapon of choice being vinyl.  With his calm demeanor and willingness to participate, he is most definitely an asset to our organization. Currently President of the Kiwanis Club of greater Broward County Sunrise Chapter, Clayton is very passionate not only about the music also about giving back to those less fortunate in society and has been actively engaged in Christmas in July fundraisers which help homeless children in Florida.

His love for music was nurtured in Jamaica with influence from his father who was a lover of Jazz. Clayton was a DJ with the Ovation Disco before migrating to New York in 1975. Regrettably he left his records and had to start afresh in New York where he made a connection with Michael Barnett who in Clayton’s words “became his key mentor and exposed him to a new world of collecting”. Another co-host on network Vintage Vinyl show Clayton always treats his audience to an entertaining feast of various musical genres. 

Norman “ Muggy” Lake - Florida


An avid supporter of VRCA events for many years, Norman “ Muggy” Lake volunteered to become a member in 2014. His long-standing love for music dates back to the 1960’s. He along with Ira Clayton Farquharson, Augustus Grant, Everard Martin “Q” and Steve “Bunny” Knight were amongst the original members of the Plus X Disco, which was very popular in Jamaica in the 1970’s-80. A lover of soul music he does not have one favorite song, as there are in his words “ too many of them”. He does admit however to being a great fan of Walter Jackson.    

Migrating to Florida “Muggy” was quite active as a DJ on the entertainment circuit in the 1980’s and could be heard spinning his discs at various nightclubs, two of which were Classic and Carib 420. Today he still entertains at special events in Fort Lauderdale, always with a smile and an easygoing demeanor.