Wesley Bonnitto Jr.- Florida


Recruited by VRCA to become a member in 2014, this collector represents the future of our organization. His exuberant personality is refreshing and despite his youthfulness, he plays strictly vinyl.  A music enthusiast who is always eager to learn from the elders with whom he associates, his love of music is hardly surprising. Coming from a family with strong music attributes he grew up listening to his father Wesley Snr. a saxophone player known as Bunny Bonitto. He is also the nephew of the classical pianist Frankie Bonitto a musician from  the big band era who had his own orchestra, and performed with people like Don Drummond, Lloyd Knibb, Lloyd Brevett, Tommy McCook, and visiting American artists of high acclaim.  

When listening to Wesley Jr. present his collection one gets the distinct impression that there is deep thought put into preparing his selections. This signifies to us that he is on the right track and we can look forward to years of good entertainment from him. 

Ron “Schoolboy “Wilson “ - Jamaica


Ron boasts a real solid background in our fraternity having been in the 1950’s a young selector on the sound system of the musical legend Duke Reid “The Trojan”.  All this while he was attending Kingston Technical High School and still wearing short pants. Back then he was playing 78’s and was somewhat of a selector prodigy, given the status of the sound system that he played and his youth.

He is a retired Captain of the Jamaica Defence Force and currently Chairman of the Benevolent Committee of The Executive Council of the Jamaica Legion with responsibility for the welfare of Veterans and Spouses of the two world wars to include ex-service members of The Jamaica Defence Force. He also serves as Chairman of the Maj. Gen. Harty Branch of the legion and is a Freemason.

Very passionate about the music, currently Ron continues to collect and to play his vast collection. Keeping in touch with his longtime friend Vernon Edwards a very senior collector in our fraternity, Ron is in good stead to keep abreast on most if not all the current discoveries on the vinyl record-collecting scene. Ron became a member of VRCA in 2010