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Delroy “Sweeper” Messam - Toronto

Another collector whose long-standing support for VRCA is well renowned, Delroy official membership commenced in 2007.

His love for music and collecting vinyl has its origins in Jamaica. When he migrated to Canada naturally he took his record collection with him. Delroy lived in Canada but worked in New York, and it was there he met the legendary collector Spencer Tracy. Spencer, as Delroy often reminds us, was his chief mentor, and you can’t go higher than that.

Always willing to share his knowledge he never disappoints in his musical offerings at VRCA events and elsewhere. Those who were present in New York, Sunday May 30, 2004 cannot easily forget his awesome display at the VRCA Memorial Weekend main event.

A humble character, Delroy brings a quiet efficiency to our organization and is highly dependable. He became a member in 2010.

Donald Smith - Connecticut

Growing up in Shady Grove in Kingston, Jamaica his early influence in the music came from listening to the sound systems that played near his home as well as his mother who was a great fan of Nat King Cole. In 1965 he joined the highly popular fraternity of Merritone fans, by 1968 he was one of the co-founders of Young Folks Disco out of Mona Heights. Interestingly, he recalls there was friendly rivalry between Young Folks and Ovations Discos, the latter was operated by Clayton Young himself another VRCA member (Florida Chapter). Donald migrated to Connecticut in 1977 where he linked up with Clayton and Wesley Blake who shared a similar passion for the music…...and the story continues. A current host on his Saturday morning program airs from 9am - 12 pm.  He names his favorite song as The Heptones “Fatty Fatty”.

Donald joined the VRCA team in 2012, the decision he says was influenced by the camaraderie and charitable outreach of the organization.