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Michael “Louis” Owens - Jamaica - Lifetime Member, President 2011 – Present

Michael “ Louis” Owens started buying records in 1972, his first being a Marvin Gaye record.  In 1984 his serious indoctrination into the vinyl record collecting business took place when his uncle Gersham “ Doc” White brought a set of over 300 45’s for him from Canada. These were all doubles from Doc’s personal collection and heavily influenced his musical appreciation.  Things have never quite been the same since then as it relates to record collecting as “The untrained Hand” as he was once referred to by a prominent music man is now known as “The Silent Master”

Originally from Waterhouse, Louis is a rounded collector of all genres of music.  He always plays to entertain but confesses to getting a buzz when he’s playing Ska.

Louis was introduced to VRCA in a working capacity on a voluntary basis in 2006 by our first President Richard “ Billy T” Elcock when he was asked to spearhead a team to organize  the MWE “Sit in” that year in Jamaica.

A strong supporter of VRCA he was appointed a Lifetime member in 2007 and elected President in 2011, he has promoted inclusivity, in word and in deed and constantly refers to his VRCA associates as team members.

Michael “Mikey” Neysmith -Philadelphia - Founder- Director /Lifetime Member - Vice President

The very first Memorial Weekend “Sit- In” (MWE) event was hosted in 1998 by Michael “Mikey” Neysmith to celebrate the memory of his dear friend Astley “Chunie” Pessoa, a passionate vinyl collector who had died tragically.  The consensus was that also worthy of commemoration at that time were Duke Fuller, Pro McClennon, Michael “Fat Willie” Williams, collectors whose contributions to the art form of vinyl collecting were to be celebrated.

Although exposed to music at an early age as he grew up in a community with a rich assortment of musicians such as Count Ossie’s Mystic Revelation and Don Drummond as well as DJ’s Stan “Soul Merchant” and “Big Roy”, it would be the lyrics of a song he heard being played on radio while in England that transformed his actual awareness of music. On his return to Jamaica while still in high school he started collecting vinyl (although he had nothing on which to play them).

After migrating to Philadelphia in the mid 70’s, he reunited with an old friend “Chunie” and the vinyl collecting heated up.  Mikey always stays true to himself and collects what he likes, rather that what others say is good.  

He was bestowed with a VRCA Lifetime Achievement Award at the MWE New York event in 2010 and currently is our Vice President.