Charlotte Smikle - Assistant Secretary

Growing up, music was always an integral part of her household.  Her mother played the piano and listened to classical music while her father loved jazz and ballads.  The latest model gramophone then stereo player could always be found in her house with a record playing.  She recalls in the 60’s when her parents entertained that a 3-piece Mento band would sometimes be a feature.  This influenced her love of music and she readily admits that she enjoys the music from 50’s – 60’s the most, and with no apology her favourite artist will always be Nat King Cole.

A lover of all genres with the exceptions being dancehall and country & western Charlotte is always looking for a musical event whether live or recorded to attend, either as a passive listener or with some good music to dance to. As a listener Charlotte has a very critical ear and if the offering is not up to her standards she may politely request that, “Someone please turn off the radio”.

VRCA first came onto her radar in 2006 when the event was hosted in Jamaica; she was hooked.  Recruited in 2011 to be a part of the organizing team when Jamaica executed the 14th Annual MWE celebrations in 2011, later that year she made history by becoming the first non-collector to be invited to become a VRCA member. Appointed as Assistant Secretary in 2013, she is now also a part of our magazine production team.