Dennis “Little Dennis” Skinner - Member


Dennis became a VRCA member in 2014 and was a recipient of a VRCA Lifetime achievement award in Atlanta 2013. A frequent supporter of VRCA events over the years, Dennis is originally from Whitfield Town in Jamaica. His early musical influences came from listening to the sound systems of the neighborhood. These included Coxsone Downbeat, King Edwards, Duke Reid and Doc’s Thunderstorm  - all stalwarts in the sound system business.

He migrated to Canada in 1972 taking his prized collection of records with him. His passion is for soul music and he has been on many sojourns inside and outside of Canada seeking new gems to add to his collection. On the trips he has encountered and became friends with some stalwarts in the collecting fraternity including the late Spencer Tracy, Raphael Grant, Paul Hutton and Norman “Buzz” Fortella.

A solid supporter and now extremely dependable member of VRCA Dennis go about his VRCA business without fanfare.

Neville “Quattie" Rhooms - Member


Neville “Quattie” Rhooms started collecting vinyl records in 1977 influenced by his good friend Rudolph “ Sweet Ruddy” McLaughlin. His musical pursuits took him on many trips to Monica, Sam’s and Kop’s record stores in Canada. A past student of St. Mary’s College in Jamaica, he was an active member of their alumni in Canada between 1978 - 90 and played an integral role in their many fund raising activities.

He mentions Dennis Brown and Gladys Knight as his favorite artistes. Neville joined the VRCA team in 2012 and with his background and experience of service with the St. Mary’s College Alumni he is a good fit for our organization.