Loretta Carter, (nicknamed “Boomshot” by New York record collectors)


Loretta has been collecting vinyl record of all genres and showcased them over the years by playing at places such as the ‘THEN’ Fame FM Radio Station and East Road in Jamaica, on several radio shows in New York, played several times on Reggae World Music Network and at the 2015 VRCA Memorial weekend Sunday event in Toronto Canada.

(To be further updated soon)

Barbara “Barbrose” Rose


An avid music lover and valued member of the Atlanta team Barbrose was very instrumental in the organization of the first MWE held there in 2012.  A very gracious and willing hostess she is keen supporter of the “Merritone” fraternity.  Barbrose is not shy to display her musical skills and has made several guest appearances on the reggaeworldmusic network Quiet Vibes hosted by Charles and Jennifer Kennedy show as a guest selector. She became a member of VRCA in 2011.

Earl “Duke of Earl” Bourne


Dedicated to family and music Earl was born into a musical environment with his father and uncles playing instruments in the Santa Mento Band. In the mid-sixties with the advent of the sound systems and the Skatalites they stopped playing.  He made a connection with his cousin in Kingston who had a sound system and so the association with music continued.  Earl has been buying records since his high school days in Jamaica and pursued his vinyl collecting when he migrated to New York and subsequently to Atlanta. He currently hosts the “Late Show” on Wednesdays 9:00 pm to midnight on network. Earl became a member of VRCA in 2013.