Neville “Quattie" Rhooms - Member


Neville “Quattie” Rhooms started collecting vinyl records in 1977 influenced by his good friend Rudolph “ Sweet Ruddy” McLaughlin. His musical pursuits took him on many trips to Monica, Sam’s and Kop’s record stores in Canada. A past student of St. Mary’s College in Jamaica, he was an active member of their alumni in Canada between 1978 - 90 and played an integral role in their many fund raising activities.

He mentions Dennis Brown and Gladys Knight as his favorite artistes. Neville joined the VRCA team in 2012 and with his background and experience of service with the St. Mary’s College Alumni he is a good fit for our organization.

Clifford “Cliffy” Walsh - Member


Clifford “ Cliffy” Walsh, they call him the “record chef” is our newest member having joined the organization in 2015. Growing up in Greenwich Farm, Kingston Jamaica his father being the owner of a small sound system influenced his introduction into the world of music. Cliffy would often accompany him to play at small parties in their area in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s.

Migrating to Canada in 1980 Clifford took his small vinyl collection with him (albeit with nothing to play them on). While in Canada he made contact with Winston"Bobby" Daley an older associate from Greenwich Farm and ardent vinyl record collector living in Detroit. On weekends Clifford often made trips to Detroit to hang out but often would end up in the kitchen whilst Bobby and his friends went record hunting expeditions. On their return he would receive whatever ”brukings” (Jamaican slang for extras) Bobby and his friends could spare him.  For “Cliffy” life as a real collector had begun.

He names Van McCoy as one of his favorite artiste.