Mickey & Sylvia - The Sweethearts Of The Blues

For one brief moment, Mickey & Sylvia were the superstars of 1950s rock and roll music. Like Shirley and Lee from that same era, they portrayed the 'sweethearts of the blues' image with their mid-song romantic dialogues and Mickey's excellent guitar solos.

Vinyl Record Collectors Association Assists Non-Profit

The Vinyl Record Collectors Association (VRCA) recently donated US$1,000 to the Atlanta-Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee, a non-profit organisation with 18 affiliated cites worldwide.

Walter Jackson

Walter Jackson was born on March 19th, 1938 in Pensacola, Florida, and raised in 

The Jackie Opel Story

The search for a shot of old vinyl has taken this addict to ALL-TONE records in Brixton Market, owned by the great Jamaican singer Alton Ellis. It’s a slightly scruffy record shop specialising in early ska and reggae records.

Wild Bunch Disco

Gladstone ”Gladdy” Parker has been in the music business as owner, operator and selector of Wild Bunch Disco and an avid record collector for the past 50 years.