Vinyl’s difficult comeback

On an industrial estate in Röbel, 90 miles north of Berlin, the vinyl presses at the Optimal factory were grinding and pumping away.

Noel Davey Puts Sleng Teng On Record

For Reggae Month 2015, The Sunday Gleaner revisited stories about songs by persons who have a strong connection to February. There were songs by Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Wayne Smith and William 'Bunny Rugs' Clarke. However, the story of Sleng Teng by Smith cannot be separated by the story of Noel Davey and the rhythm.

Jamaica Moves To Reclaim Reggae

For decades the sound of Jamaica has been reggae, the infectious, uniquely syncopated music that transformed the small Caribbean island into a cultural powerhouse.

Mickey & Sylvia - The Sweethearts Of The Blues

For one brief moment, Mickey & Sylvia were the superstars of 1950s rock and roll music. Like Shirley and Lee from that same era, they portrayed the 'sweethearts of the blues' image with their mid-song romantic dialogues and Mickey's excellent guitar solos.