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Is Rock Steady the Best Era of Jamaica Music ?

If Rock Steady the Best Era of Jamaica Music, why is that so? Historians and music writers... Read more 

Forty years ago, Bob Marley play Zimbabwe’s iconic independence concert

Just before midnight 40 years ago on April 18 at the Rufaro Stadium in Harare (then called Salisbury), Robert Nesta Marley stepped on to the stage with his band The Wailers....Read More

High School Bands Play On - Competition Educates Students About Music Business

Organiser of Jamaica’s Best School Band (JBSB), Rayven Amani, is enthusiastic about the upcoming season of the inter-high school stage band competition.... Read more

A look at Chinese contribution

2020 Grounation Symposium series (being staged during Reggae Month) at the Institute of Jamaica in downtown Kingston.

This year, the series (staged by the Herbie Miller-led Jamaica Music Museum) is dedicated to the contribution of the Chinese to the development of Jamaican music... Read more