Black-owned record stores are disappearing

Black-owned record stores are disappearing while vinyl sales are skyrocketing. Some shop owners say it's a sign of a 'whitewashed' industry....Read more

Vinyl sales soared again in 2021, thanks to Abba

Albums by Adele, Abba and Ed Sheeran helped vinyl sales in the UK top five million for the first time since 1991 Read more...

Dancehall's Picasso U Roy, toast of dancehall

OVER the past 50 years, many dancehall artistes and producers have claimed to be 'royalty', with critics often shutting down their boasts of lofty lineage. That was never the case with U Roy who put the once-scorned deejay on mainstream radio....Read More

When CDs made vinyl obsolete ... and how it came back

Anyone looking to buy a new vinyl album this month may have luck finding Adele's new release 30..... Read more

Do Colored Vinyl Records Sound Worse?

We take a look at the differences between colored vinyl and black vinyl, what affects the sound quality, and why one may sound worse than the other....Read more

How to Clean Vinyl Records

One of the best things about having a turntable is the massive selection of used—and often cheap—records out there. Building a collection is easy, but those records often come in less-than-ideal condition.... Read More

Welcome to the world of high-end cartridges.

If you’re here, you’re either wondering how your sound can possibly get better from the mid-range cartridge you upgraded from....Read more

Most valuable vinyl records revealed

It comes as vinyl sales last year topped CD sales for the first time since 1986, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIIA).....Read more

A cover for all ages - Millie Small

NO history of Jamaican popular music is complete without the inclusion of the 1964 smash hit My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small, and the impact it had in taking the music to international ears...Read More

Vinyl group gives back to Chetolah-Mel Nathan School

THE Vinyl Records Collectors Association (VRCA) recently donated gift vouchers valued at $200,000 to six students of the Chetolah Mel-Nathan Primary School in west Kingston.... Read More


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