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Most valuable vinyl records revealed

It comes as vinyl sales last year topped CD sales for the first time since 1986, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIIA).....Read more

A cover for all ages - Millie Small

NO history of Jamaican popular music is complete without the inclusion of the 1964 smash hit My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small, and the impact it had in taking the music to international ears...Read More

Vinyl group gives back to Chetolah-Mel Nathan School

THE Vinyl Records Collectors Association (VRCA) recently donated gift vouchers valued at $200,000 to six students of the Chetolah Mel-Nathan Primary School in west Kingston.... Read More


"If you have good music you have good magic Lee" “Scratch” Perry has a way with words.... Read More 

The Bob Marley Song That Became the Wailers’ Breakout Hit

When Bob Marley and The Wailers found international fame in the 1970s, the band had already been making records for a decade..... Read more

How Bunny Wailer brought innovation and Rastology to the Jamaican music renaissance

The recent death of Bunny Wailer, the last surviving founding member of the Wailers has seen outpourings of grief and appreciation all over the world.. Read more

Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ Lyrics Made the Government Hunt Her Down for 20 Years

Andra Day’s performance in The United States vs. Billie Holiday won her a Golden Globe and got her an Oscar nomination.

Despite struggles, small-town bluesman keeps aging music alive

With callused hands, Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes plucks an old acoustic guitar at the juke joint his parents created more than 70 years ago....Read More

Tired of collecting normal vinyl records

Most fans of vinyl are happy collecting 33 1/3 RPM albums, 7-inch 45 RPM singles, and the odd 12-inch. A subset dig for rare 78 RPM discs, especially the blues recordings of the 1920s and ’30s. But what if want to get reallyesoteric with your library?... Read more

Marcia Griffiths set the record straight sabot Electric Boogie

Reggae icon Marcia Griffiths has sought to set the record straight regarding the genesis of her mega-hit song Electric Boogie, which she says has been incorrectly described as being a cover version....Read More 


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