Veronica Airey-Wilson – Director

Jamaican born, former Deputy Mayor of Hartford, Veronica Airey-Wilson was recently named –co-chair of the Connecticut chapter of the Vinyl Record Collectors Association and Director on the board of the International body.

Veronica Airey-Wilson’s passion for music and entertainment was greatly influence by her parents at the early age of ten. The Aireys were music lovers who used their home as a gathering place for newly arrived immigrants from the Caribbean.  The new arrivals depended on the Aireys for Jamaican meals and parties which occurred on weekends at their home in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  While her parents served beverage and food, Veronica functioned as the DJ, playing the latest 33 and 45 records on the family Hi-Fi.  At age ten, she developed an acute sense of pleasing the crowd musically.

Over the years, Veronica’s love for music, her outgoing personality, her passion for recognizing good entertainers, her strong business skills and her commitment to advancing the Caribbean culture has influenced the direction of entertainment in the Greater Hartford Region.  This include promoting groups like the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Temptations and the Supremes while in high school.

In later years, as the first woman President of the West Indian Social Club, Ms. Airey-Wilson continued pushing her passion for music by utilizing the WISC’s facility to promote artists like the Chylites; Byron Lee; Fab5; Bob Marley; Dennis Brown; Gregory Isaacs: Marcia Griffiths; Merritone Music and Others.  As Deputy Mayor of Hartford, she seized the opportunity to expose the Caribbean culture to the larger community by creating Caribbean events in the downtown area of the city.

Veronica welcomed the opportunity to continue to demonstrate her love and commitment for promoting quality music by joining other music enthusiast from around the world when she became a member of Vinyl Record Collectors Association in 2014.  She continues to make major contribution to the development of the Connecticut chapter and the international body of the Vinyl Record Collectors Association.

Vilma "Smokey's Vilma" Whyte-Ellington - Lifetime Member and Director

Vilma Whyte the heart and soul of VRCA in New York. When asked to say something about herself the answer was “ Fabulous, Young and Versatile”. Enough said!!

A very vocal member of our organization she keeps the administration on their toes. With her irrepressible attitude and wide network of friends Vilma has brought ticket sales for our Memorial Weekend “Sit-in” and the New York annual Christmas party to unprecedented levels.

An ardent music fan from her days in Jamaica, Vilma recalls accompanying her father to Des Pernaza a top music spot on the corner of North & Regent Streets in Kingston. Later she was renowned as a real music fan frequenting all the top music spots and as a strong supporter of  “Soul Shack” an iconic disco in Jamaica operated by the legendary Bunny Goodison. Her first collection of records which she left in Jamaica when she migrated, was taken from her friend Lager Reid. Luckily she returned, found them and took them to New York. Vilma credits her record collection to this start, Garfield “Gary” Green and also her friends in the collecting fraternity who have shared some doubles with her. Interestingly she now accompanies Gary to the record shows where she claims to buy only from the” penny section”.

Never failing to entertain she recalls her first public date at Milo’s place on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn New York. Accompanied by her entourage who cheered for everything she played she in her words “brought the house down”. She plays what she loves and enjoys her music as we enjoy her entertaining musical offerings from time to time.

Vilma became a member of VRCA in 2010 and has given the organization tremendous support. In 2018, she was appointed as a Lifetime member and Director.