Charles Kennedy “Charlie K”– Director

From the early years until now, Charlie K’s persona has been shaped by, and has revolved around music.  In the early 60’s then a founding member of “Wild Bunch Disco” until now, he has been playing music to entertain.  Now a host on  Friday nights find him along with his co-host and wife Jennifer aka “Silky Voice” in “The Lava Lounge” sharing his music via the worldwide web on his show Quiet Vibes from 9:00 pm to 12 midnight.

His solid dedication to VRCA was convincingly demonstrated when the Association held its Memorial Weekend event in Atlanta in 2013. Charlie spearheaded a tremendously successful weekend, a feat that is even more commendable given that this was the inaugural staging of the event in Atlanta.

Charlie became a member of VRCA in 2011 and was awarded a Lifetime achievement award in 2014.       

Thaddeus “ Thad” Buchanan – Director

A lover of Jazz, Thad had his musical indoctrination in the 1960’s at the early age of 17. The young apprentice was invited by some co-workers to accompany them to a bar on Harbour Street in Kingston Jamaica. There he was enthralled by a version of “Green Eyes” done by the Skatalites from their album “I cover the waterfront” which was being played on the jukebox.  At home on Lissant Road, he was also exposed to music by the great sounds of V-Rocket Sound System which had its base right in front of his house. His musical appetite having been whetted, Thad would frequent music hot spots of the day like Victoria Pier and Curphey Place to fulfill his passion for music. He later became a fan of Stan “The Soul Merchant” and “Afrique” two of Jamaica’s premier Discos of the 1970’ s-80’s.  He recalls that he purchased his first record “Please Mr. Sun” by Tommy Edwards from Times Store.

In 1980 he migrated to New York eventually linking up with Ronnie Thomas and Milo whose influence sparked his interests in vinyl record collecting which deepened, as now he was searching for not only popular but also rare gems of various genres. Thad names Gene Ammon, Arthur Prysock and Nancy Wilson as being among his favorite artistes.

He became a member of VRCA in 2014 serving as a Director for the Atlanta chapter.