January 2022

Dancehall's Picasso U Roy, toast of dancehall

OVER the past 50 years, many dancehall artistes and producers have claimed to be 'royalty', with critics often shutting down their boasts of lofty lineage. That was never the case with U Roy who put the once-scorned deejay on mainstream radio....Read More

Vinyl sales soared again in 2021, thanks to Abba

Albums by Adele, Abba and Ed Sheeran helped vinyl sales in the UK top five million for the first time since 1991 Read more...

These local record shops give you an analog break from a digital world

For decades, people who enjoyed music on vinyl records instead of CDs or MP3s were considered dinosaurs, moving at 33 RPM while the rest of the world rushed to go digital... Read More