October 2020

Dawn Thomas - Canada

 My name is Dawn Thomas; I have been working in the banking industry for 30 years. I have been in love with music, mainly soul and jazz for as long as I can remember.

I was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and migrated to Canada in 1975 at the tender age of 5 and presently resides in Brampton, Ontario, Canada since 1994.

I had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Lloyd Green at an import and exporting meat store and he introduced me to Collectors Korner Now and VRCA. We would normally socialize with other friends during the week and mostly week-ends listening and playing music. 

Mr. Green as he is affectionately known, began playing music and it just drew my attention to the kind of music that he was playing. I was very interested in that kind of music and because I was asking a lot of questions in reference to artists and title, he began to explain most of the songs to me.

After I started to play myself, he thought that I was getting good, so he then told me about VRCA and then enquired if I would be interested in becoming a member. I told him that I was very interested and I was then invited to a Canada Chapter of VRCA meeting and was introduced to all the members, some of which I was meeting for the first time. 

It was a very interesting and exciting opportunity and since then I have become motivated and with extreme passion not only to be of service to VRCA but to work alongside an energized and amazing Canadian team. 

It will be an honour to be part of such an elite organization, that I cannot wait for May 2020 to come.

Elaine "WonderWoman" Reid - Toronto

My name is Elaine Reid affectionately known as Wonder Woman and Super G. I was born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada at the tender age of 17 and is now retired after working for the Provincial Government at the Workplace Safety Insurance Board for 35 years. 

My love for music was embedded in me at an early age by my family that were musically inclined and it allowed me the opportunity to start collecting vinyl records in 1973 and has had the opportunity to have played on internet radio networks such as Reggae World Music, Collectors Korner Now, and NYMLA.

I am a believer in promoting a “team” approach within any organization. Over the years my working experience has allowed me the experience in keeping teams focused, motivated and on target to meet deadlines. In chatting with members of VRCA, I must acknowledge that it should be fun to be part of a positive and highly motivated organization and team.  I am sure my strong interpersonal skills will enable me to develop and identify untapped potential opportunities.

I also consider myself to be a passionate community servant with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying their potential to continue and share the passion of music and serve others. With this ongoing quest to give, I have been able to promote significant, positive change in communities and individuals through advocacy, empowered by compassion. I take pride in engaging in a civically based approached to community building as I committed to a life-long service based on personal and professional experiences.

I have grown to be familiar with a striving mindset based on a strong foundation built on people values. These brief but significant attributes have naturally inspired me to become a voice to the voiceless and a beacon of hope to the hopeless.

I seek to become a strong and strategic team player empowered by my peers as a Member of VRCA, motivated by a passion driven through innovation towards amazing successes.

Patrick Williams - Connecticut

The Chapter highly recommends Mr. Patrick Williams to be a member of the Vinyl Record Collectors Association, Connecticut Chapter. The Chapter voted on Saturday to accept his application. However, one member was absent for Saturday's vote due to an emergency but has since voiced his concurrence with the decision to recommend Mr. Williams.

Patrick migrated to the USA from St. Andrew, Jamaica in 1981, lived in New York City and worked at Chemical Bank as a Computer Operator. He moved to Hartford, Connecticut in 1987 and worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for 26 years as a Senior Technical Assistant. He currently works as an Aircraft Technician for Kaman Aerospace.

Patrick is a member of the West Indian Social Club, Inc. Hartford since 1997. He has served in a variety of supervisory positions, including Bar and Entertainment, Treasury and Security Management.

Patrick is academically certified in Information Technology from Capital Community College in Hartford. He has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Patrick is an ardent supporter of the VRCA in general and the Connecticut Chapter in particular. He appreciates all types of music and is a ball room dancer. All He will be a positive force in the Chapter.

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