Did you know that The Techniques 1968 hit “There Comes A Time” was not actually sung by The Techniques?
The song was written by Hopeton Lewis and Pat Kelly at Treasure Isle studio. The duo then recorded the song for legendary producer Duke Reid. Because The Techniques were having one of their many “break up moments”, and were not recording at the time – Hopeton Lewis was under contract with Federal Records and could not have recordings released by other labels under his name – Reid decided to release the song as The Techniques since Pat Kelly was the group’s latest lead singer.
Additionally, Hopeton Lewis did extensive work for the Treasure Isle label. He worked as an A&R representative auditioning and rehearsing artists, writing songs and working out vocal arrangements, and providing background vocals. Most of his work at Treasure Isle was mostly uncredited on the records when they were released, due to his contractual situation with Federal Records. His work included other duets with other artists including Phyllis Dillon and Alton Ellis. Assumed names were used for some recordings between 1967 and 1969. One such assumed name was “Lloyd Williams” on Alton Ellis’ 1967 “I Can’t Stand It”
Mr. Lewis eventually got his contract situation worked out and Duke Reid was able to release some records under his own name including “Testify,” “Drive Her Home,” and 1970 Festival winner “Boom Shaka Laka.”

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