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Foundation artists Keith And Tex are back with a brand new full length album entitled “Just Passing Through”.
Born in the Rocksteady era, Keith Rowe and Texas Dixon made their mark with a slew of hits and classics that have lasted.  From their haunting rendition of “Hypnotic Eyes” to the iconic guitar intro and solo of Lynn Taitt on”Stop That Train”, you are treated to a unique style that still lives on after four decades.

Their music has been sampled,  redone, and re-licked by a host of past and present artists, ensuring their place in the history of reggae music.

They have continued to sing and perform over the years until present and have more momentum now than ever.  ”Just Passing Through” is Keith And Tex’s first album in over ten years. For this album they have collaborated with music makers from the UK, France, Israel, California and Hawaii to create a wonderful and brand new global Reggae experience, while still capturing that tried and true foundation sound that Keith And Tex are adored for.


Keith And Tex maintain a truly unique style of singing with rich harmonies and melodies that is sure to please any listener.

“Just Passing Through” is seventeen explosive tracks with an overflow of timely lyrics and songs for every genre.

The sounds of the good old days in Jamaica are in this album, and the vibes of Keith and Tex are strong and pure! This is Reggae Harmony at it’s finest!

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