Gladstone "Bobby"Muir - New York

Lover of music from the  early years of my life. From the mid to late sixties was familiar with the early sounds of Coxsons, Treasure Isle and had affiliations in Central Kingston and West Kingston with Afrique, Grotto Swing, Gemini, Arrows to name a few.   

I was one of those people who collected records  before I even had what to play them on. I went to Randys on a Friday, picked up handful of 45s known as 7/6 -, go in the sound booth, listened and buy them.

I migrated to the USA in 1977 and hit the ground running, pounding the sidewalks of Brooklyn, Boston and in the south and mid-west. Folks like Mikey Carr, Paul Hutton, Mikey Neysmith, Raphael Grant, Buzz and Spencer are but a few who greatly influenced my collecting. I was so hungry for records/ music that when I lived in Atlanta for 4yrs I spent most of my free time in the pawn shops and goodwill/salvation army thrift stores. I have paid some dues while pursuing this  great hobby but loved every minute of it.

I am presently affiliated with NY based Exquisite Soul Radio, an internet radio system and loving it. I consider it an honor to be considered for membership in VRCA and would humbly accept.