Garfield "Gary" Green - New York

Probably the one most responsible for promoting the collecting art form and keeping it alive and well in NY is Gary. He plays an intricate part in the NY Collectors Music Scene, be it in the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn. For one of the youngest collector around he is a music force to be reckoned with anywhere anytime.

Back in the days Gary would be hunting records, North, South, East and West, armed with his headphones and long coat!  Gary was sparing with the likes of Milo, Spencer, Raphael, Leroy, Carson, RannyT, Thadde and Milton to name a few in the hay days of collectors’ sessions on the East coast USA. He is credited with introducing quite a number of records which are highly prized today by collectors and for promoting many a 2nd and 3rd Sunday sit-ins as well as an Annual Thanksgiving w/e Collectors sit-in, most recently hosted at SIMS in Brooklyn (curtesy Vern) . He has been in and around the music continuously, supported it extensively and passionately, much to the betterment of the vinyl collecting art form. He was a founding member of NYMLA (New York Music Lovers Association) Inc.