Wemley Brown - Jamaica

Wemley Seymour Brown, (AKA Rennie, Wemmo, GERMS among other aliases). I was born in the district of Granville in St. James and moved to Kingston as a child of age about 3 to 4 years old. Wemley attended Franklyn Town Primary school then Vauxhall Senior school with the likes of Irvin “Carrot” Jarret and  Kirk Salmon from Fabulous Flames. He also attended  Kingston Technical School.

While working as a technician-in-training  at the Telephone Company he met Mr. Howard Barrett a member of the then popular group - The Paragons. Later Wemley became a member of "The Shades" who recorded songs like “Who you gonna run to”. 

Wemley started playing records in  the early 1970’s while working at the North Pembroke Telephone Exchange at Mary Brown’s corner. He became a close friend of one Donald “Danny” Rhooms. Danny lived on Hialeah Drive in Meadowbrook as  did Pam Hall, the late Dr. Len Jackson and Ronnie Jarrett with his “JUDGE” Disco. Danny had a “House Set” called BARTONES and we used to have a party at his house every Friday night. we both played at house parties and Christmas parties for various companies espe cially the phone company.

 With the demand to play it was decided the Disco needed a name. Orville Wood and Wayne Armond ( From Chalice) then had a group named TIME  “The Incredible Musical Experience”. Drawing from that reference and Wemley’s nickname “Germs” the name of the Disco “The Great Experience in Real Musical Sounds” was derived.

 Wemley currently streams on two internet radio networks - Muzikconnexion and Collectors Korner Now Network.

Sophia Brown New York Member

Sophie is an ardent music lover and vinyl enthusiast out of Brooklyn New York. More of her bio to come, stay tuned!