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Reggae in Canada-Johnny Osbourne among acts being celebrated in docuseries

“Well, he is absolutely one of the legends of reggae music but specifically for this series of documentary shorts that we are doing with the National Film Board of Canada,.....Read more

The enigmatic Duke Reid the Trojan

Described on the Trojan Records website as an “enigmatic character”, Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid owned one of the biggest sound systems of the 1950s.....Read more

Tom The Great Sebastian the real OG

The story of Jamaica’s sound system culture is intimately tied up with the name, Thomas ‘Tom’ Wong, whose sound was named Tom The Great Sebastian......Read more

Killamanjaro patriarch going strong, setting example

 The Jamaican sound system, which stamped its name as a producer of classic reggae dubplates and a leading sound system in clash culture since the early 1970s,......Read more