Reginald “Winston” Hart. Director /Lifetime Member

A man of very few words, Winston is a senior heavyweight vinyl collector. A music lover since his high school days at Kingston College where he was a member of a singing group known as the Deltas.  The recorded music being played by Billy’s Hometown Hi-Fi in Jamaica in the 60’s made an indelible impression on him and was his initial motivation to start collecting vinyl records.  After migrating he met the late Spencer Tracy, whom Winston declares was the main influence to him as a collector. His constant appetite for new discoveries has led him on many record expeditions to find rare gems throughout the North American continent.  Another one of our members who has been on board since our first event in 1998, he is also one of the co-hosts of the Vintage Vinyl show on network.

Winston is always prepared to put in the work for the good of the VRCA, a willing and ready volunteer. He was a recipient of VRCA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.