Morris Goodwin - Member

Morris originates from the Liguanea area in Kingston Jamaica. With a great depth of musical exposure dating back to the late 1950’s his elder cousin from the same area often played at small parties in the area accompanied by Morris. By the early 1960’s he had started a Disco called Safari, which frequently played at the Nurses and Jaycees Headquarters. In the 1970’s he was a keen supporter of Grotto Swing Disco where his brother Earl was the DJ.

An active community member Morris was the Vice president and PR officer for the Liguanea football club before migrating to New York in 1982. Later he moved to Connecticut where he frequented Integrity Store. This is where he met Trevor Blake from the Merritone family. Inevitably this association with Trevor led to even more keen research and hunting for music.

A great fan of Mahalia Jackson and Gladys Knight Morris names “Neither one of us” (Gladys Knight) as his favorite record.   

Morris joined VRCA in 2012. He enjoys the camaraderie and strongly believes in the association’s mission.